Yo, I’m Ambz.

I’m a speaker, writer and teacher.

Mostly, I’m just boldly facetious.

Our philosophy is to cultivate a conscious awareness for deeper self and life connection by changing the way we use our mind and thus, see the world through balanced eyes and experience it’s diversity as the adventure it is


What I do

The Unfu*kwithable Life

Grab your copy on Amazon today! The Unfu*kwithable Life encompasses seven codes, designed to teach the greatest lessons of self mastery and spiritual philosophy through the paradox of crude wit and compassion, to trigger a force deep inside of you that’s here for something spectacular.
Each code contains punchy lessons for easy reading and quick application in real life.
It will force you to get uncomfortably honest with yourself, so you can shatter the limits you’ve been clinging to for comfort.

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Be Unfu*kwithable

Be Unfu*kwithable (BU) is a self-mastery coaching program that is supported and taught by Amber herself. It is comprised of the most comprehensive master tools, techniques and ongoing support to take you from where you are now and accelerates your transformation through every area of your life. It’s accessible for life and delivered both live weekly coaching, online pre-recorded video, audio and online exercises with a 24/7 support forum.

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Teaching & Mentoring

My private coaching is dedicated to helping people find what it is they stand for and through self mastery, enable them to rediscover their back bone and live an extraordinary life of their very own creation (not someone else’s version of perfect). This dynamic work is exclusive to those who are ready to access their full potential and willing to crack the stories of sabotage to shine their innate magnificence upon the world.

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