One Great Moment At A Time | Guided Meditation | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

If you want to work wayyyyy too hard, then go to the gym for three hours a day so you can hit the tree harder, faster and cut it down quicker.

But if you want to work smart, sharpen your axe and do it with ease.

This is the difference between trying to push through fear, resistance, stress, anxiety etc and meditation to centre yourself each day.

I made a little morning guided meditation for this exact purpose;
To have a great moment. 14 minutes worth of moments to be precise.
I use a breathing technique combination to help you both switch on your parasympathetic nervous system (aka. calm), whilst also building internal energy without taking you into adrenal stress (like you would get from coffee, overthinking, go-go-go, pushing through all stimulation, sympathetic fight and flight, etc.)

In around 14 minutes, I’ll guide you through:
Focusing your mind
Using your breath to build energy for your day from the inside
Owning your power
Relaxing into your truth
Calling in wisdom to support you
Connecting with your intuition and inspiration
Taking self-responsibility for all that you can control in the here and now.

I made this for you 

Listen here

Stick it in your ears and enjoy each morning or as often as your like!



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