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Amazon Customer – Couldn’t put it down!

Wow... Just WOW... I hadn't heard of Amber until I saw her speak at an event in 2016 and man my jaw hit the floor! The second I heard of Amber's pre-launch for her book I downloaded it straight away and could barely put it down. How such a young woman can live and overcome so much is truly inspiring. It is impossible to leave a story midway without dying to read the rest as Amber captivates you ever step of the way. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to overcome their own hurdles and demons. ... Read More

H. Schwarz

A really refreshing, honest & quirky take on how to live life to the full... [Amazon review, referring to Amber's book, The Unfu*kwithable Life]

Amazon Customer

A remarkable book.. it exudes inspiration, intelligence and down to earth, real truths!   [Amazon review, referring to Amber's book, The Unfu*kwithable Life]

Dana Celise – Reader & Follower

You radiate positivity and motivation...your passion for life has literally brought me back from broken!...I am in the best place within my self i have ever been, i credit a lot of my growth to you....thank you, sincerely grateful.

Jessica Saunders,HR Manager, Fitness First

Amber is the most enthusiastic and passionate professional I have ever worked with. She will deliver her promise with a refreshing, authentic and creative approach. She is wise beyond her years and full of love & fire. Without a doubt I would recommend Amber, her events and programs and her expertise if you are looking for an inspiration or a change in your life.

Emily Skye,Health & Fitness Ambassador

Amber has an incredible gift at public speaking & mentorship. She not only at understands human behavior in a fun and engaging way which she passionately and effectively communicates that knowledge, she also gives us the tools to be able to apply this into our lives so we can be our best mentally and physically.

Andrew Thorpe,University Lecturer

The best thing about Amber is, you know change is about to happen at a new level. After working with her, I am so empowered. I recognise my gifts and true potential and have completely changed my thinking. My life is so much more fulfilling instead of shallow and uncertain. My mind is my greatest tool and she taught me this so well.

Katherine Odgen,Financial Advisor, Client

Amber is a wealth of knowledge, passion and experience in personal development across many levels. She is quick, smart, open, caring and most of all funny in her trainings and speaking. Her clients and her business are her love and she always went above and beyond in our time together in order to support and supply me with extra. A genuine soul you cannot look past today.

Kylie Hobson,Psychology Student

When I think of Amber as a mentor there are four words that come to mind. Empower, educate, passion and transform. Her ability to see through your self taught limits, is incredibly impressive and accurate. Her knowledge is above any coach, guide, mentor or “personal development guru” I’ve come across. The greatest lifetime investment I have ever made.

Lucy Brock,Client

Through my private mentoring with Amber, I have overcome major obstacles that stood in the way of reaching a better state of health and wellbeing. She educated me on nutrition and stress management which in turn changed my attitude to exercise and my body. She was there for me all the way and lovingly pushed me to do things I thought were impossible! I’m healthier emotionally and physically, and have a wealth of knowledge, Amber is truly talented.

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