Some words from my awesome clients


Lois Auld

I am so grateful to have come across Amber Hawken - her style works so well for me - she is so comprehensive, thorough and inclusive - she covers it all and gives you space and opportunities to explore any ambiguity/uncertainty you may have. I hope this book/her teachings accelerates our generation to increased awareness/consciousness. I love you Amber, thank you! Anyone who liked the book should do her BU course. In true Amber style, she has not stopped at a book, because simply reading a book is not enough to get exponential results. She has created BU, a 9 ... Read More

Chelsea Olivia, Yoga Teacher & Private Client

I had seen many psychiatrists and life coaches over the years before I magically stumbled across Amber. No one else had come close to her level of coaching for me, she made me feel like we were in it together, her outlook on life not only inspired me but equipped me with lessons and understandings about our human makeup that are now my tools for life. She is a compassionate, loving and fiercely intelligent lady that will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Kerry Brookes, Coaching Client

Amber is the best friend you never had call you out on the things that should have been said or done. She prevents the future "I told you so" mental moments and guides you to your authentic and happy self.

Stacey Roddick, Coaching Client

Amber shines a light on the life limiting stories that you tell yourself, allowing you to see through your own bulls^*t and realise your true capabilities and worthiness

Tessa Alexa, First Class Honours Psych. Spiritual Mentor

There are very few people in the world who choose to live in a stage of rawness, realness and unconditional love. It is mix that many people can only dream to master for their own happiness and success, let alone understand it profoundly enough to teach it. Amber has achieved something with this book that many people never will. To be able to share the most vulnerable moments of your existence at the same time as breaking down the vast away of psychological, physiological and metaphysical concepts required to be considered by the reader in order to achieve their own ... Read More

Saraya Kirby, Coaching Client & BU Program Grad

Amber has a way of cutting through the BS and nurturing change that gets real life changing results.

Ellen Travassaros, Owner of Mind & Body Movement

Amber has this incredible way of awakening your soul, inspiring you to take control of your life and to own every inch of who you are

Jenni Madison, Owner and Director of Coconut Magic

Entertaining, energetic and inspiring, Amber Hawken knows how to engage her crowd with a presentation that is fun, dynamic and gets them to move! Amber does all of this whilst delivering life changing educational health and wellbeing content, that carefully weaves in the authenticity of her personal journey and learnings.

Kelly Montgomery, Coaching Client

Amber Hawken is an energetic, passionate, engaging speaker who digs deep into your inner-being, to show you the wonderful person you truly are and the endless possibilities your life has to offer.

Amazon Customer – An alternative personal development book that you’ll need to read over and over.

This is not a book you can read in one go. It will have you thinking, reflecting and working through issues—some I didn't even know were holding me back. I cried, I laughed, and I got incredibly vulnerable with myself. Amber's humour throughout this book, really puts a new perspective on personal development, and made me think of things in a different way than I have before. This is a book for people who are okay with momentary discomfort, to get to an authentic place within yourself. Definitely recommend and I'll need to read over and over to work through ... Read More

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