Creating Space Within | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT | Guided Audio Technique

You have all the answers….

We’re at the crescendo of a collective self-realisation and crash of the ME ME ME paradigm. ⁣

From seeking gurus, or seeking to be gurus, the days of spiritual righteousness are now kicking our ass. This is a collective awakening to our own energetic sovereignty. ⁣

This moment in time holds for us the invitation to release self-indulgent aspirations, allow our desires to rise from a deeper existence (as opposed to our head) within ourselves and extend our hands in service (not scarcity), from bodies that are vital (not exhausted), hearts that are open (not closer) and minds that are quiet (not busy). ⁣

I can’t give you the answers. ⁣

And it’s up to you to realise you’ve got them. ⁣

I don’t have them. ⁣

Neither does Ram Dass, rest his soul. ⁣

Or the plants and their medicine. ⁣

Or you coach, books, trainers, oracle decks, courses or even the full fruition of your audacious goals.⁣

They can support for sure – but the ticker about having a little help is, in order to be free, you must believe from the beginning that you’ve always had the power, you only needed a little push, whisper or direction (maybe an ass kicking) here or there. ⁣

Because the hands we hold can become the hands that hold us back if we stay holding after we should have let go. ⁣

The real wisdom is in your being. ⁣

Your attention is the catalyst that wakes it up and your breath is the anchor to grounds it in place. ⁣

I sat down to write about some simple practices and the depth of healing in presence last night and realised I was about to start book number two.

So, ‘fuck that, it’s 8:47pm’ and I threw in my headphones and hit record instead.

This audio is to help you go beyond ‘knowing’ you have the answers, cognitively. I want you to FEEL it.

Fuck, if you even notice a tickle in your heart and gentle tenderness in your being, I’ll be stoked.

Link is in highlights, loves. ⁣

Let it support you to become centred and harmonious, not unaffected through disassociation to what’s going on.

In others words; expand your energy in order to stabilise instead of toughening up  in order to get through. ⁣

Chuck it on.


Let it sink in.

Let yourself surrender

Permission granted to dissolve the old ways and embrace now, a new world in the present moment.


P.S September Retreat is still a go. If you want to register your interest, click here. It will be intimate, in a luscious location on the Sunshine Coast.

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