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Welcome to Alchemy 2019.


Hey there, Amber here and I'm thrilled to share Alchemy 2019 with you - our vibe is Dive Deeper to Play Bigger. Going IN to get out of your own way. 
No more searching, constant self-help that ends in energetic, emotional, mental and financial disappointment.

Simple and straightforward answers through education, deep work and embodiment.

We work through the heavy stuff that you probably don’t even realise is holding you back. We learn, embody, practice and eventually master foundational tools, philosophies and science of life, evolution, success and inner freedom. Then I release you back into the wild (life) with a sense of certainty, purpose, self-awareness,  inner peace and the ability to back yourself.

We simultaneously work through your blocks while learning to cultivate confidence and resilience from within. 

It's a combination of firm love and support while challenging you to be the highest version of yourself. There are no shortcuts in life, just understanding what it really takes and a willingness to do the work. This opportunity happens once every twelve months for 14-16 humans only. So please, if you are tossing up the idea of applying, stop thinking about it and do it now. 

You can fill out this questionnaire and book in a time to speak now. Extremely limited spaces.

We work both together and in a group of similarly talented beings who have big ideas, loads of power but might be sabotaging in areas of their life, distracted by doubts and fears and recurrent patterns they can’t seem to shake. They might be:

  • have all the amazing business ideas but cannot stick to one, or doubt their decision and can't seem to follow through
  • making loads of cash but not being able to hold onto it
  • attracting unavailable partners
  • becoming successful in wealth and finance but their body and well-being are sacrificed.

    Despite all the efforts for change they've gotten themselves this far but can't seem to take that leap alone. I get it. I have mentors for this reason. Because we don't know what we don't know and sure, we can get there, eventually. But when we shift with effective support on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, we start living at the peak potential now, not at 90 after reflecting on your life.

    If you are a go-getter, someone who wants to make an impact from their hearts, whether they reach 1 person or 1 billion, whether you want to make 50 thousands or 50 million dollars. If you want someone to help you live bigger, by diving deeper within yourself and making those little adjustments that have had you hitting your head on the same wall over and over again, then perhaps in 2019 we can do this together.

    And my favourite bit? You will not only have the most potent tools for working through fears, blocks and resistance or only know and love yourself on a level you don't even know exists yet...You will walk away with a family of powerful and supportive women you haven’t even met. Those who alchemize together support each others growth, challenges and most importantly, success.

    We can't wait to meet you.

Meet Your Mentor, Amber Hawken

Amber is an Australian country gal with a big, bold and audacious heart. Her writing, speaking and coaching is dedicated to helping people find what it is they stand for and through self mastery, enables them to find their back bone again and live an extraordinary life of their very own creation (not someone else’s version of perfect). 

She has been running her own company of retreats, live events and online coaching single-handedly since the age of 23, and now reaches over 80,000 people per month across her YouTube channel, podcast and social media platforms.

She’s the author of The Unfu*kwithable Life, has been featured on stages in front of more than 20,000 people and worked with over 1,000 clients who can attest to her specialty of blunt force trauma to the ego, tools for emotional mastery and healing, and her wisdom for spiritual connection.


Apply for Alchemy

"It is really hard to describe or put into words just how much working with Amber has changed my life, my mind and my soul. With her knowledge and guidance I challenge myself, I motivate my own behaviour and I am the messy human and unfuckwithable version of me that I am – I love that!!!

Being part of the retreat and working with Amber was the scariest, bravest and most worthwhile thing I have ever committed to. Real and accountable, in a supported group of individual people with AMAZING support staff. Our group exercise on unconditional love had a profound effect on me, no bullshit and raw – it simply took my breath away.

Would I do it all over again?….. You betcha!! It was the best decision of my life."

Belinda Pasfield

"Working with Amber this year has been fundamentally life changing. I don’t make that statement lightly, but it’s the biggest and best investment I have made in myself to date. I came into working with Amber thinking I had a pretty good level of self-awareness and understanding, but it was all taken up several notches during our coaching calls together. Amber has a unique ability to see though your bullsh*t and help you identify the root causes of what’s going on.

Because of the deep level Amber works at with her clients, I feel like the changes I have made are sustainable and long-lasting, because they are rooted in my core truths and values. It’s not easy work, stripping back layers of beliefs and ideas that no longer serve, but it’s also ultimately rewarding and living a life of purpose, truth and acceptance."

Rebecca Riley

"Attending Amber’s Alchemy retreat had a fabulous effect on my mind, body and soul. I went having only meditated on a couple of occasions, with a body that was letting me down both functionally and mentally. I was surrounded by people that had different goals and understandings in regards to mental health and mindfulness. While on the retreat I worked through many patterns and wounds that had been holding me back and learned where to start in my meditation journey. Since coming back I have a passion for my mental wellness and giving myself space to feel and surrender. I have also gained a connection with an amazing group of supportive and inspirational people who have enabled me to feel more connected to society as a whole."

Saraya Kirby



















It's all about strength and unity. Safety and depth. Nurture and nourish. Pushing boundaries. Let our defences down. A space to be. A space to laugh so hard your belly hurts. And perhaps cry a little, or a lot, if need be.

What’s Included:

  • 5 x 1:1 60 minute private sessions with me. We discuss everything from business, love, money, creativity, expression, showing up, relationships, intimacy and alignment.
  • 1 x 3 Night/Four Day Retreat (all accommodation, food and workshops/extras) during April 2019.
  • Calm Mind Program for Everyday People - 5 Modules
  • Access to a mastermind community and support forum
  • Expert speakers (online delivery) in different areas of life (finance, health and well-being, spiritual fulfilment, fitness, career, emotional mastery, mental strength, organisation, etc)
  • Be You Digital Online Program - 9 Modules


Apply for Alchemy

"I found my tribe of unconditional support at the Alchemy Retreat - I found ME! I forgave ME! I learned a new way of life and I love it!"

Linda Hiscox

"Amber has this knack of digging out exactly what you need. I love her energy and the way she supports and cheers you on through every win. Everyone needs an Amber in their corner, coaching them to live their best life."

Julie Goldie

"With Amber, you can be you, you can be real and feel 100% supported the entire way, she has been an incredible blessing in my life."

Chelsea Freeman

Retreat Location

Amara Retreat Centre - Sunshine Coast QLD

Retreat Details

  • 3 x Nights Accommodation in the most soulgasmic location on the Sunshine Coast. Retreat will take place in April 2019.
  • All cleansing and nourishing food, goodies and filtered water included in the entire event. Some organic vino and raw desserts included for a special night. 
  • 2 x outdoor adventures in mother nature
  • Cleansing sweat lodge experience
  • 4-6 workshops - depending on the group's speed and individual requirements, we will compress or spread the content out as not to fry our brains. Alchemy is the ultimate balance of (emotional/mental/spiritual) cleansing, physical rejuvenation, learning and breakthrough. It's about sharing, delving, releasing, revealing, growing, learning, wisdom tapping, heart opening, battery charging and manifesting.
  • Yoga - Most likely each morning.
  • Meditation and sound healing sessions. 
  • Potential spontaneous fun may include: Dance offs.  Movie nights. Star Gazing. Karaoke. Art therapy. 
Together we have conversations, tea, movement, darkness release intensives, restoration and healing, breathing, writing and amazing whole fresh foods.


"Being part of the retreat and working with Amber was the scariest, bravest and most worthwhile thing I have ever committed to"

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