I have spent most of my life in the paradox of asking myself questions that are way too deep and then laughing at the seriousness of it all.


Amber is an Australian
country gal with a
bold and audacious heart.

Amber Hawken is the head of a small, multi-faceted Australian company serving multiple audiences including private companies, government institutions, school and university education systems and the everyday community through retreats, keynote speaking, a best selling book, private coaching, online programs, workshops, and festivals. She also founded Calm Mind Project, a conscious-driven initiative created to shape conscious leaders and shift cultures using mindfulness, meditation and mindset, beginning first with the individual and then rippling into the collective. With a Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Amber is also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Amber is the author of a number one best selling book, and hosts the podcast and YouTube series, The Amber Hawken Show.

From the lady herself:

When I am not profusely bashing my keyboard in a passionate binge of writing about how to master your life, or sporting a red lipstick on stage teaching just that, I mentor as a psychotherapist and teach people about the universal principals of life and self. 

I have spent most of my life in the paradox of asking myself questions that are way too deep and then laughing at the seriousness of it all.

I have a satirical sense of humour and way of teaching, who you can thank my awesome Father for. This keeps deep philosophy that cultivates true meaning in our life, light and tangible.

Most of my waking hours are spent using people and the universe as a puzzle to be figured out.

A romance with decoding; I loved biology, chemistry, physics and poetry at school. Anything that I could dismantle and put back together to understand. And second to learning, was my love for teaching. 

I have a bulldog determination in everything I do. Some might call it stubborn.

As an example, when I was 12/13 and 14 I made the QLD women’s soccer team, but my parents couldn’t pay the rigorous costs for such travel and uniforms. So I knocked on doors and raffle ticketed’ my way to the national titles three years in a row. I was also the 2nd female and 6th participant to finish Tough Mudder in QLD in 2013 without any training and won the Australian championships for The Ultimate Athlete after three months enjoying European summer, beer and pastries. Determination trumps all fear.

My childhood and early teens were filled with some decent family feuds and too many funerals for a young girl, but it all got me asking the kind of questions that formed the basis of what I spend most of my waking hours talking and writing about.

And I fu*king love it.

Working with clients privately is potentially the most rewarding work I have ever done. Until I stepped into the Defence Force and Schools

The law of physics is a little inconvenient and while one on ones has been the inspiration point for books and programs, my work with younger generations teachers and our country's defence has allowed me to take my message of mindfulness, self-awareness and resilience to much deeper levels where the ripple effect will continue for generations to come. 


Unsurprisingly, I studied the deepest corners of the human psyche and delved into the wisdom of ancient spiritual philosophy. That was after I studied medical radiation science and for some year following focused on mastering holistic wellbeing. 

Through my work as Medical Radiation Therapist (Radiation Therapy), I was exposed to a world that was incredibly advanced at treating disease, but I felt, lacked dealing with the actual ‘cause', so to speak. (With all do respect to the medical world and western medicine, we do some pretty epic sh*t with medicine and I am grateful for a lot of it). 

After only 18 months of graduating as fully qualified RT, without a damn clue where I was going or what I was doing, I followed my curiosities and suspicions and delved into the never ending plethora of human behavioural sciences, spiritual philosophy and metaphysical studies. I picked up a few certificates and practitioner qualifications along the way and eventually came to realise that Authenticity is the centre point of all free flowing success.

In the end, I chose to teach people how to, well, just be themselves.

Seems kind of ironic right? But truly, it’s a skill now a days. The most vital one at that.


In a society that capitalises on our deepest fears, doubts and insecurities, people no longer have the courage to show themselves. Be themselves. Live for themselves. Think for themselves.

Alas, we can get so lost in this trap of gratification and escape, that we live empty lives, trying to fulfil a version of someone else’s perfect.

it’s a fu*king tragedy. 

My work is dedicated to passing on practical principles for spiritual evolution and a magnificent life

four ingredients are required: vulnerability, mindfulness, a great sense of humour and purpose

In a nutshell: The natural evolution of conscious awareness, to purpose in action to working through the duality of light and dark of our human existences and back again to consciousness it everything I teach.

When people lack a sense of purpose they lack direction and this go to default and default creates an empty dark space in the soul.
Purpose inspires you to do things that are bigger than yourself because if we want to deal with this centuries issues, we need to acknowledge our innate universal responsibility for growth and transformation and the role we play in that.

At its core, mindfulness allows us to observe and train our minds, overcome our negativities and fulfil our inner potential. Kindness and compassion give rise to self-confidence, which in turn empowers us to be honest, truthful and transparent about who we are and what we want in out life. 

And humour, well I believe it is the greatest intelligence of all and greatest weapon we have to dissolve fear.

I hate beating around the bush, so I make personal development digestible, funny and simple. 

The Unfu*kwithable Life

My book is based on my studies and experience of human behaviour and spiritual fulfilment. So is everything I write, film and record.

I also believe every single human life is majestic and deserves respect and love. That is why 50% of each book and 10% of any other program goes to Free To Shine, a NP that prevents sex trafficking in Cambodia. 

Check it out!

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