for busy people who can't slow down or meditate

- calm your mind

- move through judgement and resistance 

- build emotional intelligence

- cultivate self-control (including internal perfectionism)

- expect a butt-load more flow and joy


Calm your busy, thinking addicted mind

down so you can actually enjoy life. 


You must ask yourself a couple of questions about WHY you haven't  been able to sit still or calm your mind in the past so that you have the courage to give it go beyond those old excuses. To admit that perhaps, you don't suck at it and it's entirely possible even if you have ADHD (research backs how powerful and possible it is for ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Depression and more) to be still in the mind and create space, resilience, awareness and of course happiness in each moment. 


- 5 days of audio trainings delivered via email

- Topic relative audios and guided meditations

- Lead questions to bring awareness to resistance 

   to meditation and discomfort

- Focus statements to bring the mind to calm

- Downloadable flash cards with mindfulness tools

Calm your busy, thinking addicted mind

down so you can actually enjoy life. 



"I just listened to your audio on surrendering and letting go of worry and control and it was such a revealing yet different experience. I have often tried to cover up my insecurities and worries with mindless positive mantras and unhealthy eating habits and of course control but this meditation took me to a much deeper level where I really had to face myself. I can’t thank you enough for this, I am going to try and listen to it whenever I’m feeling the need to control and hopefully I continue to heal and get closer and closer towards acceptance."

Amber Hawken Email Subscriber

"I am so grateful to have come across Amber Hawken - her style works so well for me - she is so comprehensive, thorough and inclusive - she covers it all and gives you space and opportunities to explore any ambiguity/uncertainty you may have. I hope this book/her teachings accelerates our generation to increased awareness/consciousness. I love you Amber, thank you!"

Louis Auld, Headspace

"Amber's guided meditations are like melted chocolate"

Emily Hassett -  Spirited Seeker Studio

"Amber has an incredible gift. She not only at understands human behavior which she passionately and effectively communicates that knowledge in a fun and engaging way, she also gives us the tools to be able to apply this into our lives so we can be our best mentally and physically." 

Emily Skye - Health and Fitness Public Figure

Calm your busy, thinking addicted mind

down so you can actually enjoy life. 


Amber Hawken is the head of a small, multi-faceted Australian company serving multiple audiences within the business dynamic, as well as private and government institutions such as The Australian Defence Force and education systems within high schools and primary schools across Australia through Calm Mind Project. Calm Mind Project is an initiative based on building awareness, emotional resilience and empowerment within individuals through mindfulness and conscious purpose. The program focuses on building a deep sense of self-awareness and flow in their everyday life, teaching universal principles, practical cognitive behaviour and emotional repatterning tools combined with spiritual philosophy through the attendance of retreats, online programs, her best-selling book The Unfu*kwithable Life and even one on one work with Amber herself.

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